Bathroom lighting is critical to providing the right ambiance for the design style you have or will be implementing. The bathroom is the ultimate, personal space in your home. As such, the lighting needs vary from mood and ambiance needs, to the spotlight precision of task lighting.Each bathroom design will have its own needs, so you need to know what different options are available to you. This can vary depending on how big your bathroom is, where it’s located, and what you’re trying to achieve with the redesign. Below are the common types of bathroom lighting for the different bathrooms in your home:interior bathroom lighting┬áis an excellent resource for this.

Guest bathroom – As the name implies, this is the bathroom used by your guests and is typically small. Your guests will inspect the room, so your lighting choices must serve many functions.

Frequently Used Bathroom – Considered the main or family bathroom by some, it’s usually by all the smaller bedrooms, so it’s going to be used more frequently than other bathrooms because many people will be using it. Task lighting is always a good option for bathrooms with multiple users.

Master or Suite bathroom – This is a bathroom specific to one bedroom and is usually the largest bathroom in the house. It may even be divided up into several sections, complete with walls and closets. This type of bath has the most varied lighting needs.

Once you decide on the bathroom that needs lighting, if not all of them, it’s time to get specific about your needs.

Mood Lighting – Also known as “ambiance lighting”, this can be easily achieved with just about any fixture with any bulb and a dimmer switch, or even candles, although electric candles are safer and don’t present a fire hazard.

Primary Lighting – As implied by its name, this provides the main lighting for your bathroom and is generally provided by recessed lights, track lights, or some kind of light fixture over the vanity. You don’t want to make this light too dim, but by making it too bright may make it seem less comfortable.